Clinics and Services

Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics.

The NHS contract for GP practices organises services into three categories.

  • Essential Services which every practice must provide.
  • Enhanced Services which a practice can choose to provide. The majority of GP practices provide all the enhanced services.
  • Optional Services which a practice can choose to provide. Where a practice opts-out of providing these services, NHS England must ensure that patients can access an alternative locally.

The practice runs a number of specific clinics to support its delivery of the services that it is providing. The following sections give details of all the NHS contract services and whether we have chosen to provide them or not. There is also a section about the clinics we run in the practice.

Essential Services

Cervical Screening Services

We offer this service to provide necessary information and advice to assist women who are identified by NHS England as recommended for a cervical screening test in making an informed…

Child Health Surveillance Services

We offer this service to proactively monitor the health, well-being and physical, mental and social development of children up to age five with a view to detecting any deviations from…

Contraceptive Services

We can help with all of the following: advice about the full range of contraceptive methods, including where appropriate, a medical examination of patients seeking such advice; treatment for patients…

Core Services

All practices must provide core services during core hours.  These services must be appropriate to meet the reasonable needs of patients. Essential services are those required for the management of…

Maternity Medical Services

We offer the following services in relation to pregnancy and child birth: routine care throughout the pregnancy and after birth; an invitation to attend a maternal postnatal consultation within six…

Vaccination and Immunisation Services

We will offer and administer routine vaccinations and immunisations for the following diseases. Children All routine vaccinations to protect against: diphtheria; tetanus; pertussis (whooping cough; polio; haemophilus influenzae type B…

Enhanced Services

Learning Disabilities Health Check Scheme

We provide this service. We will keep a register of all patient aged 14 and over who are known to the local authority social services department as having a learning…

Network Contract DES

We provide this service. It requires practices to work collaboratively to best support the needs of their local practice population.  We are working with other local practices under the banner…

Violent Patients Scheme

We do not provide this service. Where patients have been removed from a practice list with immediate effect due to an act or threat of violence or abuse, they are…

Optional Services

Out of Hours Service

We have opted-out of providing this service. When we are closed your call will automatically be diverted to NHS111, the NHS non-emergency number. You can also call 111 directly to…

Practice Clinics

Baby Clinics

We hold a baby clinic each Tuesday between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. The clinic is run by a doctor and a practice nurse. Our baby clinic helps support us with the…

Long Term Conditions Clinics

If you have a long term condition then we will invite you for an annual review so we can ensure it is managed and you stay well. For some conditions,…

Other Clinics And Services

The following clinics are available by appointment only following arrangement or referral by your GP. Anticoagulant Clinic Clinical Psychologist Chiropody Community Drug Team Community Psychiatric Nurse Ear, Nose And Throat…

Practice Nurse Clinics

Our nurses run a number of clinics and you can book an appointment with the reception team. Contraception and family planning Healthy heart Immunisations Smears Well woman/man

Primary Care Mental Health

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a mental health review, you will need to complete our Mental […]

Travel Vaccinations

If you are going on holiday then you should always check if you need any vaccinations for your chosen destination.  NHS Scotland provide a great website that will give you…

Local Community Services

Be Well – Here for Men

Feeling stressed, under pressure, alone, or facing mounting money, family or job worries? Be Well is here for men too.  […]

PCN Dietitian and Social Prescriber

Our Primary Care Network (PCN) offers a Dietitian (Chloe) and a Social Prescriber (Zoe) who support people living with type […]