Travel Vaccinations

If you are going on holiday then you should always check if you need any vaccinations for your chosen destination.  NHS Scotland provide a great website that will give you advice about where you are travelling to, including what vaccinations are required and recommended.

If you do need any vaccinations, then it is important to make an appointment as early as possible. Some vaccination courses require more than one injection and there has to be a gap between them. Some countries also require you to have had your vaccines a certain amount of time before you arrive there. We recommend you get in touch at least 4 weeks before you travel.

Our reception team will ask you questions at the time of booking so they can inform the nurse of you travel appointment. The nurse will obtain the correct vaccinations in time for your appointment.

Please be aware that the NHS only provides some vaccinations free of charge for travel purposes. If you need any vaccinations that are not available free from the NHS then you will have to pay for these privately. We ask for payment to be made before the appointment.